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Handcrafted American Music

Over the years, folks have turned to radio as a trusted friend; when a song hits so close to home it's as if the songwriter was a fly on the wall of their lives.  

Sadly, in today’s major market radio, the presence of powerfully crafted songs are less abundant, leaving people starving for more substance.

Nashville Unleashed ™  is the smorgasbord, serving up radio-worthy music, from extraordinary Nashville Artists who also hold the pen.

Jack & Diane are Performing Songwriters and the creators of Nashville Unleashed™. They feature a hand-picked Roster of Nashville's hi-caliber songwriters, who happen to be some of their closest friends, and invite listeners into their living room.


Nashville Unleashed™ is currently in Production, Taping the entire First Season that will be airing on National Television in the Fall of 2014. Check back soon for the list of Networks that will Broadcast the show around America.


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